The Warrior Punch

Time 10 min + 2 hours standing if making cold variationServes 10-12

'The Warrior Punch' is a delicious savoury and mildly sweet, non-alcoholic punch that is easily made at home with store bought ingredients. A perfect alternative to an alcoholic beverage for a holiday party, the punch features local ingredients like wildflower honey, a natural energy source, and organic apple cider vinegar, known to help digestion and acid reflux- hence 'The Warrior Punch' - to help fuel you throughout the multiple festivities and heavier foods this holiday season.

01 Ingredients

3 1/4 cups (800 mL) sweetened organic apple cider
3 1/4 cups (800 mL) organic apple cider vinegar with the mother (see tip below)
1 1/3 cup (340 mL) or 500g honey
1 1/3 cup (350 mL) hot water
15 bags loose leaf oolong tea bags (approx. 60g)
1 1/4 cups (300 mL) lemon juice
2 1/3 cups (600 mL) verjus (see tip below)
4 to 6 cinnamon sticks
Lemon wheels (to garnish)
Rosemary sprigs (to garnish)

Garnish Station for your guests:
Sliced grapefruit wheels
Sliced lemon wheels
Sliced apple wedges
Rosemary or thyme sprigs

02 Instructions

To serve cold:
Combine hot water, honey and tea bags in large bowl, stir until honey dissolves. Add the apple cider, vinegar, lemon juice, verjus and stir. Let sit for 2 hours. Remove tea bags. Serve over ice with a rosemary sprig and lemon wheel.

To serve hot:
Combine all ingredients (except garnishes) in a large pot set over medium-high. Stir until honey dissolves. Take out tea bags and toss in lemon wheels (to desired tartness). Serve with rosemary or thyme sprigs.

Tip: Find organic apple cider vinegar with mother and verjus at your local health food store or specialty grocery shop.