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Plan Ahead
Party Planning

Unsure of how much alcohol to purchase for a party? Visit the LCBO’s website for a list of shopping guidelines and a handy party calculator to help you determine what you’ll want to plan to buy.

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* The amounts suggested are for purchasing purposes only. They are not intended or recommended for serving or drinking guidelines.


Offer all your guests plenty of alcohol-free drinks when hosting a get-together, not just those who are designated drivers, pregnant or planning pregnancy and those who chose not to drink. Check out the Deflate the Elephant’s signature Mocktails, or visit the LCBO’s website for more delicious “0% Cocktail” recipes.

MADD Canada has launched a line of virgin drinks as alternatives to alcohol. A variety of wine, beer and cocktails are available at select retailers and 10 per cent of net sales go to support the organization.

LCBO 0% Cocktail Recipes ›
MADD Virgin Drinks ›

Delicious Food Recipes

A responsible host ensures that guests don’t drink on an empty stomach. We suggest that you serve food throughout the party. Eating slows down the speed at which the body absorbs alcohol. Offer snacks such as veggies, cheeses, sandwiches, breads and dips. Avoid salty, sweet or greasy foods, since they tend to make people thirstier. For hundreds of great party recipes check out the FOOD & DRINK website.


Making Great Choices About Drinking

Canada's low-risk drinking guidelines are a great resource to help people make informed, smart drinking choices. To find more information about these guidelines, visit the LCBO Smart and Healthy Choices page, or pick up a copy of the brochure in all LCBO stores across Ontario.

LCBO Smart and Healthy Choices ›

Always Taking Care

Learn more about LCBO’s various Corporate Social Responsibility programs, campaigns and partnerships.

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Responsible hosts always measure drinks for guests instead of having an open bar. Master the perfect pour for wine, beer, spirits and coolers by taking LCBO’s“Home Bartending Challenge”. It’s a fun and interactive way to improve your bartending skills and earn “Pour Master” badges. Then you can challenge friends on Facebook or Twitter.