Parent Action Pack

If you’re the parent of a teen or a professional working with teens, check out the Parent Action Pack to find out how to have a conversation about alcohol and other common drugs.

With partnership support from the LCBO, Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) developed the Parent Action Pack, a free online and print resource that provides parents with a toolkit of essential facts and talking points about alcohol and other drugs, along with effective strategies to help them have meaningful discussions with their teens. The focus is on guiding teenagers to make healthier and safer decisions.

The Parent Action Pack is a unique resource that brings together information about alcohol with other commonly used drugs into one practical guide to encourage parents to talk with their teens throughout the year. It provides parents with reliable information they can easily digest and apply to help their sons and daughters make responsible choices and to give these young people the confidence and resiliency they need to successfully manage the stresses experienced by today’s teens.

Since its launch in September 2013, more than half a million copies of the Parent Action Pack have been distributed in Ontario. The guide can be easily downloaded for free at and print copies are available by contacting PAD.

Parents can also use this site as a regular source for additional facts, references and links to new sources of information and research related to teens. Information about the studies and science behind the resource are also outlined on the site.